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Did you type in "therapist near me?"

You can take a break for yourself now.

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Hi, I'm Darbey,

I am the Owner and a Registered Psychotherapist at Fika Mental Health, and built the idea for this practice around the Swedish notion of a "Fika Break" where one takes time to pause, nourish, and socialize, within their day. We live in a society that often asks us to get distracted by our past experiences, the fast-paced present, or an urgency towards future goals, and we forget to give ourselves permission to take a break for our whole selves. 


As a practice, our therapists value patient care first - this means that your online counselling will be guided by your thoughts, feelings, trauma, and the issues you feel held back by, and we will adjust our approach to suit you. 

At this time we offer Individual and Couples Counselling as well as Nutritional Counselling with a licensed Dietitian for various health needs. 

Find out about who we are under "Our Team" above.

We are currently working virtually only.


Let's Work Together On...


Is there a tightness in your chest that won't seem to go away, or thoughts that race and you struggle to slow down?


Has something happened to you in your lifetime, whether growing up or more recently, that you can't seem to understand?


Just simply looking to explore your strengths, set goals, or learn more about yourself?


Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated, no longer interested in your usual hobbies and activities, or often sad or teary?


Is there a relationship in your life that you are struggling to navigate, want to communicate better within, or create more depth?


Have you experienced a loss in your life that you would like help to navigate or work through?

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